Dr. William Gioia, dentist in Phoenix, AZ

The Event That Changed His Life

It’s really incredible how a single fateful encounter can change your life. That’s what happened to Dr. William F. Gioia, and it’s how he became a dentist.

Dr. Gioia was really good at Math and Science in high school, so he decided to pursue a career in engineering. But he quickly realized it wasn’t a good fit for him. He grew discouraged and thought about taking a break from college and joining the Marines.

Then a visit with Dr. Ralph Koener, his family dentist, changed the course of his life. When Dr. Koener asked Dr. Gioia how school was going, he told him about his struggles. Dr. Koener suggested a career in dentistry.

Dr. Gioia had never thought about dentistry as a profession before, but it sounded intriguing. Dr. Koener introduced him to Dr. Don Chiapetti, who mentored Dr. Gioia as he explored this interesting occupation.

Dr. Gioia soon developed a deep passion for dentistry, a field that allows him to use his technical skills to improve people’s lives. Dr. Gioia credits his success to these two dentists who took the time to mentor him.

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Dr. Gioia’s Commitment to Learning

For Dr. Gioia, education is the key to expanding his skills so he can give our patients the best possible care. To this effect, he pursues advanced training with leading dentists at some of the premier learning institutions in the country.

After receiving his bachelor’s degree at Arizona State, Dr. Gioia earned his dental degree from the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC.

Dr. Gioia has also participated in extended dental residencies at the University of San Diego Hospital and the University of Washington Dental School in addition to completing a year-long dental implants training program at the prestigious Misch International Implant Institute.

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Active in His Community and His Profession

Dr. Gioia is grateful to the local community in Phoenix for everything he’s accomplished, and he enjoys giving back when he can. He’s been volunteering at St. Joseph’s Mercy Care Dental Clinic for several years and he contributes his time to the following professional organizations:

  • 2 Years as Chief of Staff at St Joseph’s Mercy Care Dental Clinic
  • 4 Years as Evaluator of Renewal of Sedation Permits for the State of Arizona Dental Association
  • 3 Years Providing Legal Counsel Assistance to the Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners
  • Served on the Peer Review Committee of the Arizona Dental Association, Central Chapter

Enjoy the Way Your Smile Looks and Feels.

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