Tooth-Colored Fillings
In Phoenix, AZ

What is a Dental Filling?

A cavity is a hollow space caused by tooth decay, an infection that eats away at your tooth.
Dr. Gioia treats decay by removing the infected portion of the tooth. He then restores the empty space with a strong, tooth-colored filling that no one else will even notice.

Our composite acrylic fillings offer a number of advantages. This durable material requires less drilling, allowing us to preserve a greater portion of your natural tooth. It also bonds directly with your teeth for greater stability, eliminating spaces where dangerous bacteria can grow.

To prevent any discomfort during the procedure, Dr. Gioia will numb the area with novocaine. We also offer sedation dentistry to help make the process more pleasant for patients who have issues with dental anxiety.

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Signs You May Need a Filling

If you’re experiencing pain or a tingling sensation in your tooth, you may be suffering from decay. Without regular checkups, a cavity can go unnoticed for quite a while. Over time, your cavity will grow and become extremely painful.

See Dr. Gioia right away if you notice any of the following symptoms of tooth decay:

  • Random, sharp pain
  • Pain while eating
  • Dark spots or holes in your tooth that remain after brushing
  • Sensitivity, especially to hot or cold foods

The sooner Dr. Gioia discovers your cavity, the easier it will be to treat. Cavities that are allowed to advance without treatment may require more extensive care in the future, such as a dental crown or root canal therapy.

Restorative Care in Phoenix, AZ

If you’re experiencing any type of oral pain or discomfort, call Dr. Gioia at (602) 864-1984 right away. He’s been serving patients in Phoenix for over 40 years. We’ll eliminate the pain and fix your smile so it looks and feels brand new.

Enjoy the Way Your Smile Looks and Feels.

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