Dental Implants
In Phoenix, AZ

If you’re living with missing teeth and you’re searching for a natural-looking solution to restore your smile, consider dental implants. They’re made from durable materials, and Dr. Gioia surgically attaches them to your jawbone for a secure hold.

Dental implants provide a number of benefits:

  • Improve oral health
  • They look just like your natural teeth
  • Make eating and speaking easier
  • Preserve your facial structure
  • They won’t come out when you’re taking or eating
  • Easy to care for with brushing and flossing
  • Long-lasting

Single Tooth Replacement

If you’re missing a single tooth, Dr. Gioia can restore it using an individual dental implant. The base of a dental implant is called the implant fixture. It’s made from titanium, a biocompatible material. The bones in your jaw will develop a strong attachment to the fixture thanks to a process known as osseointegration.

It will take about three to five months for your body to become fully integrated with the implant fixture. Then you’ll return to our office so Dr. Gioia can complete the process by attaching the middle section called the abutment and he’ll top it off with an attractive porcelain crown.

Your new prosthetic tooth is custom-made to match your smile, so your friends won’t even notice it. And you’ll be able to eat and laugh with confidence, knowing your teeth will remain firmly in place.

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Multiple Tooth Replacement

You can restore any number of missing teeth with dental implants. If the missing teeth are next to each other, Dr. Gioia may use an implant-supported bridge. This restoration uses two or more implants to support natural-looking prosthetic teeth known as pontics.

If your missing teeth aren’t adjacent, we can restore each one with an individual dental implant. Dr. Gioia will recommend the implant solution that’s right for you. Whichever restoration you choose, your attractive new smile will make eating and speaking a lot easier

Full Arch Replacement

Dr. Gioia has an exciting solution for patients looking to replace a whole arch of missing or damaged teeth. With implant-supported dentures, we use a small number of dental implants to secure a beautiful new set of prosthetic teeth.

Regular dentures sit on top of your gums — that’s why they can slide around, causing pain and irritation when you’re eating. Dental implants eliminate these issues, giving you a smile you can really feel good about.

In many cases, we can use immediate load implants for a same-day restoration. That means we’ll perform all the necessary procedures in just one day, so you can leave our office with a natural-looking temporary prosthetic.

When the bones in your jaw have developed a firm attachment to the dental implants, you’ll return to our office and Dr. Gioia will place your permanent restoration. Now you’ll be able to relax and enjoy social gatherings without feeling self conscious about your smile.

Ready For Your New Smile?

If you’re ready to feel good about your smile again, one of our dental implant solutions could be right for you. Call (602) 864-1984 today to learn more. We look forward to meeting you.

Enjoy the Way Your Smile Looks and Feels.

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