CPAP Alternatives
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Effective Alternatives to CPAP

Getting enough sleep is vital to your health, mood, and overall wellbeing. If you’re suffering from sleep apnea, Dr. Gioia will provide relief for your symptoms by finding the course of treatment that’s right for you.

When left untreated, sleep apnea can take a heavy toll on your life. Although CPAP is an effective method for treating sleep apnea, many of our patients tell us they’ve completely stopped using their CPAP machine because it’s loud, annoying, and difficult to use.

Dr. Gioia is an experienced sleep dentist. He features a number of effective options for treating sleep apnea, including dental appliance therapy. In fact, Dr. Gioia has advanced training in dental appliance therapy to help you get a restful night’s sleep every night.

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Getting the Right Diagnosis

Millions of Americans suffer from sleep apnea, and according to WebMD, most of them don’t even realize they have it. In addition to heavy snoring, common sleep apnea symptoms include restless sleep and feeling fatigued and irritability during the day.

When you meet with Dr. Gioia, he’ll examine your airway and ask you some questions about your symptoms and the kind of sleep you’ve been getting. The next step is getting a sleep study.

If your sleep study determines you’re suffering from sleep apnea, a qualified sleep physician will provide you with a prescription for sleep apnea care form. Then Dr. Gioia will determine the ideal course of treatment for you.

Your Treatment Options

A CPAP machine forces a steady stream of warm air into your airway through a mask you wear over your face. Although CPAP can be very effective, many of our patients complain that it’s very restrictive.

CPAP has a loud motor and it forces you to sleep on your back. If you wish to get up during the night, you have to unhook and reattach the whole apparatus. That’s why Dr. Gioia often recommends oral appliances as an alternative for our sleep apnea patients. 

An oral appliance keeps the airway open while you sleep by slightly repositioning your jaw. This quiet, noninvasive device is customized to fit your mouth comfortably.

Getting the Rest You Need

Is your snoring bothering the people around you? Do you often feel listless or moody during the day? Call (602) 864-1984 to arrange your consultation with Dr. Gioia today. Or, just fill out the submission form on this page and we’ll get right back to you.

It’s time to feel refreshed when you wake up in the morning. Dr. Gioia will make sure you get the sleep apnea care you need to sleep comfortably every night and feel your best during the day.

Enjoy the Way Your Smile Looks and Feels.

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